Composite: The inconspicuous filling

Despite good dental hygiene, caries can still sometimes manage to slip through unnoticed. If the damage is only in its early stages, it may be possible to successfully treat the tooth with a simple filling. Composite is a special mix of plastic and ceramic filling particles, and has long been the most popular material for fillings. Not only is it stable and durable; it also looks totally natural, due to the fact that its colour matches the tooth. And as this material poses no health risks, more and more patients are opting to have their old amalgam fillings replaced with composite ones. Because composite fillings enable you to laugh freely and openly, without other people noticing anything unnatural in your mouth. In addition to its use in fillings, composite is also ideal for evening out incisors broken in accidents, ultimately returning the tooth to its natural look and function.

How a composite filling is performed:

  • The cavity is removed from the tooth (generally under local anaesthetic)
  • The composite colour is chosen by matching it with the natural tooth colour
  • The hole is filled with composite
  • A brief hardening phase
  • The filling is smoothed and polished
  • Pressure can be applied to the filling straight away
  • No further sessions required

Do you also want to have your old amalgam fillings replaced with safe, natural-looking composite? We’ll be glad to assist!