Prostheses &
partial prostheses

Helping you to find your new smile

Anyone can lose a tooth – caries and periodontitis, jaw misalignments and accidents can all result in the loss of a tooth. Fortunately, dentistry offers a number of options for filling even the largest of gaps. In addition to implants and bridges, prostheses and partial prostheses are another popular form of tooth replacement. Modern prostheses are imperceptible, comfortable to wear and easy to clean. They sit perfectly, do not affect speech or eating, and imperceptible to other people. Full ceramic prostheses, in particular, look amazingly similar to natural, healthy teeth.

Dental laboratory nearby

One advantage of our practice, at Gerhofstrasse 18, is that we work with the “Perfect Smile” dental laboratory, which is practically next-door. Information relating to your dental prosthesis can be sent instantaneously, and spontaneous changes are possible. This is hugely beneficial to our patients, because it means they can get their dental prosthesis faster, without any compromises.

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