Root canal treatment

Even teeth you thought you'd lost can be saved

Caries that goes unnoticed from the outside, can destroy the tooth from the inside. Patients often only realise there’s problem when they start suffering inflammatory pain. But it is, in most cases, too late by then – the tooth loses its vitality and dies. But a dead tooth doesn’t necessarily have to be removed. Following successful root canal treatment, a dental prosthesis may be applied, and the tooth can remain alongside the other healthy teeth. But what does root canal treatment entail? First, the dead nerve is removed from the root canals of the affected tooth, and the canals are cleaned. In the next step the resulting cavities are hermetically sealed to prevent germs from getting in. In the final step, the tooth is prepared for the dental prosthesis (inlay, partial crown or crown).

Thermoplastic root canal treatment

The dentists at the Stuttgart dental practice offers its patients a particularly effective method of root canal treatment. In thermoplastic root canal treatment, the exact length of each individual root canal is determined by endometric measurement. The canals are then filled with a special, natural material, which, once heated, penetrates even the tiniest spaces where it then dries, sealing them up 100%. The hermetically filled root gives bacteria absolutely no chance of re-entering. Thermoplastic root filling enables us to preserve teeth, that would otherwise have to be extracted.

Want to learn more about this type of root canal treatment? Or want to know whether your tooth can potentially still be saved? Then make an appointment at our practice. We’ll be glad to assist!